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Espresso Maker for 2


Immerse yourself in the essence of shared indulgence with our Espresso Maker for 2 collection, where every detail is tailored to enhance your coffee moments together. From premium ground coffee to elegant mugs and coasters, savor the richness of togetherness with each sip and every glance exchanged over a perfect cup of espresso.

  • Magnificent Barista Boys Premium Medium Roast Ground Coffee
  • Lindor Lindt Heart full of Milk Chocolate
  • Ceramic Bowl and Stainless Steel Teaspoon
  • Couple Matching White & Gold “Love” Mugs
  • Marble Blue & Gold Coasters
  • Espresso Maker for 2

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What Type of Wrapping Would You Like:

STANDARD – Gift Wrapped Box & Personalised Card, ECO – Kraft Box wrapped with Twine & Fresh Herb

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